How We Do It

We’re a different kind of law firm looking to change the way people interact with lawyers. We want to eliminate the fear most people have of picking up the phone, the reluctance to tell the whole story because the clock is ticking, and the insecurity of facing complex issues. Instead, we want to be your partner, communicate with you in English, not “legalese,” educate you while demystifying the law – and have fun along the way.

We recognize that no one likes paying legal fees.  It's even worse when you feel like there is no end in sight. We handle most matters on a flat-fee arrangement, whether on a monthly/annual retainer or a per-project basis. We don't want your eye on the clock when dealing with important legal matters. And for those things that don’t fit the flat-fee model, we work with you to find a fee arrangement that fits your budget and eliminates surprises. Our goal is to build a relationship that will serve you for many years to come.