What We Do (Practice Areas)

General Counsel (aka “I’m gonna call my lawyer!”)

We help small and mid-size businesses, non-profits, and law enforcement agencies with customized, flat-fee rate structures offering access to quality legal advice without a clock running in the background. As your “outside” in-house counsel, we’ll help you navigate the legal issues you face every day to help you build your business, your brand, and your service to the community.

Instead of just being the “911” call when the stuff hits the fan, you’ll experience how proactive and effective counsel can save you money in the long run: by reducing litigation costs; drafting and negotiating contracts; resolving disputes; minimizing employee turnover; and allowing you to focus on your bottom line no matter how you define it.

For Businesses
For Non-Profits
For Law Enforcement Agencies

Litigation (aka “We’ll see you in court!”)

Let’s face it – sometimes you just can’t work it out. Though we will always try to find the most cost-effective, non-confrontational solutions to your problems, negotiation is hollow without the willingness to back it up in court. When you need to go to court to protect your interests, or if you get sued over a dispute, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work. And while litigation can be unpredictable and costly, we work with you to develop fair and reasonable fee arrangements to make the best case for your day in court.  

Government Relations (aka “Cut through the red tape”)

Effectively navigating the halls of government means having the relationships to get your foot in the door, your phone call returned, your project in front of the right players. Whether it’s economic development, local ballot initiatives, or legislative matters, we can guide you through the process from start to finish. With connections throughout the Treasure Coast and across the state of Florida, we can help broker the attention, talent, and trust you need to make big things happen.

Campaigns and Elections (aka “Winning is everything”)

Few attorneys working in the political sphere have the first-hand, visceral knowledge that comes with putting your name on the ballot and leaving fate to the whim of the voters: Adam Fetterman does.

Having won election to a true “swing” district and served in the Florida House of Representatives, and subsequently served as elections counsel for numerous issue and candidate campaigns, Adam can offer in-the-trenches campaign experience to help you win on Election Day. We can advise your campaign on legal compliance, campaign finance, ethics protocols, political committee formation and management, and representation before the Florida Commission on Ethics and other regulatory entities. We also provide elected officials and candidates with critical, confidential advice on the unique challenges faced in today’s political climate. Our real-world political experience enables us to provide not just effective legal counsel, but serve as a strategic member of your campaign team.